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We work as a trusted partner and adviser to private estates large and small, estate management companies and estate management trusts with Rural or Commercial portfolio’s; assisting with all water distribution and sewage treatment projects and repairs. Pipefix are recognised as the leading service provider in this field and are proud to work with the National Trust, The Crown Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall and Smiths Gore.

Our team have worked on farms, SSSI’s, sensitive archaeological sites, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and national monuments, so you can be confident that we will treat your properties with respect and leave them as we found them.

We understand that each site is unique and presents its own challenges so we tailor our service to meet your specific requirements. So, whether you manage Rural Estates, Agricultural Estates, Farms, Industrial Units, Commercial properties, Tenanted properties or any combination of these we will be able to help you keep your client’s estates running efficiently now and into the future.

The Pipefix capital projects team have installed water distribution systems at Tyntesfield Manor and Newark Park for the National Trust. Both projects involved several kilometres of pipework across managed land within sensitive archaeological areas. Both Estates are tourist attractions, with extensive areas open to the public. To see a more in-depth review of our projects for these and other clients please see our case studies.

Our responsive repair teams are experienced at tracing leaks on large water distribution systems and carry the equipment to pinpoint leakage efficiently. Our vans hold a wide range of fittings to enable prompt repairs on many pipe materials and over a range of pipe diameters. A comprehensive stock of pipes and fittings at our yard broadens the variety of mains and services that can be repaired promptly.

We also trace and map services and produce condition reports, to advise upon the serviceability of your assets to help you to plan for future system improvements.

We can install complete systems from start-to-finish. Drinking water systems from the water source – your mains connection, borehole or spring through to the point-of-use. Foul sewage systems from your gullys and traps to the sewage treatment plant, sewage pumping station or connection to the public sewer.

Water mains and services from 25 – 300mm, in the appropriate material; mdpe, hppe, ductile iron, etc.

  • Water distribution – pumps, valves and meters
  • Boreholes
  • Water storage
  • Water treatment
  • Meters & automated meter reading (AMR)
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Soakaways, Drainage Fields & Reed Bed Filters

We deploy our trenching machine where access permits. It is ideal for installing long pipe runs up to 180mm diameter across arable land. Trenching machines cut a neat, narrow trench in a single pass, reducing the amount of material that comes out of the ground and usually breaking the material up for re-use as a bed and surround to the new pipeline. This allows us to lay with minimal disruption and waste, usually avoiding the cost of importation of suitable fill materials and minimising the disposal of surplus excavated materials.

You can take advantage of our responsive or planned repair service. Our responsive repair vehicles carry light plant, leak detection equipment and a range of fittings that enable them to find and repair (find and fix) leaks on most common sizes and materials of pipework in made or unmade ground.

For less urgent repairs or on-going problems with a system we can arrange a free consultation with one of our engineers to assess the situation and advise on an appropriate way forward and budget costs.

  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Water & Sewage Pipe Repairs
  • Pump Repairs
  • Tank repairs & re-lining
  • Control Valves, Fire Hydrants and Stop Cocks Repaired
  • Pressure & Flow problems resolved

As a trusted partner we offer you a comprehensive service aiming to deliver long-term value for your assets. Our experienced staff are happy to recommend  the best ways of improving your systems to help you to make informed decisions on their future care and management.

We offer a wide range of services to provide you with all aspects of the design and specification of a new water or sewage system, including the complete design;

  • Storage; reservoir, tank and wet well selection
  • Pipe sizing; mains, drains and sewer laterals
  • Pressure regimes; booster pumps and pumping stations
  • Water and sewage treatment

Our complete service includes design, specification and detailing of systems. We are happy to work with you and your tenants to ensure that the needs of all users of the systems are addressed and to ensure that the system precisely meets the needs of the Estate. We can advise and recommend upon provisions for the future to accommodate plans for growth or disposals.

As well as system design, our Engineer can provide guidance on specific needs concerning system performance such as;

  • Water; poor pressure, low flow, leakage and wastage
  • Sewerage; periodic blockage, surcharging, effluent quality, or smell.

We also conduct system surveys to map your services and produce detailed drawings or system schematics in .pdf or AutoCAD format.

Schematic drawings can be particularly useful in supporting your legionella risk assessments and are recommended within L8 (the approved Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaire’s Disease) and HSG274 (the health and safety guidance supporting the Code of Practice).


Our servicing contracts are tailored to your asset portfolio and we have the resources to manage a single asset or several hundred.

Our full listing of servicing is just below so take your time to highlight which service is best for you.

  • Regular inspection of septic tanks combined with an appropriately timed de-sludging regime significantly reduces the risk of blockages and sewage back-up, whilst delivering least-cost maintenance of the asset. Failures of the sewerage system are costly in terms of both management and operational time, as well as distressing for your client. Regular maintenance will also help to extend the life of an infiltration field, improving the value of the asset and deferring capital replacement costs.
  • Regular inspection of cesspools with an appropriately timed emptying regime similarly reduces the risk of blockages and delivers least-cost maintenance for these assets.
  • Regular maintenance of sewage treatment plants is an important aspect of their operation. Mechanical components that have broken down or operate below their optimum capacity will impair the performance of the plant, placing a greater impact on the environment and potentially leading to a failure of the Permitted standard for the site. When major failures occur this can often be combined with noise and smell issues and puts the organisation into conflict with the regulatory bodies, aside from the difficulties, time and costs associated with managing client expectations. We service and maintain all of the leading manufacturer’s package plants.
  • Regular maintenance of pumping plant significantly reduces the risk of pump failure and improves the prospect of maintaining flows to the receiving sewer. Whilst pumping stations are designed to provide some storage it will often only amount to an hour or so of operation at the design flow of the station and so trying to avoid failures through regular maintenance is cost-effective. Station failure will usually result in sewage backing up through the system, which can be alarming for users, and there are the obvious risks of surcharge with its consequences for the environment and the challenges of cleaning up afterwards.
  • Maintenance and inspection of water treatment plants is a key element of maintaining water quality. Treatment plants require inspection, and many items of plant can go out of adjustment over a period of time and so need checking to see that they are operating as required, with correction as necessary. Plant that feature the use of filters require the filters to be cleaned or replaced. Lamps on UV systems require changing and glass elements cleaning.
  • We undertake inspections of tanks and reservoirs to check water quality, operation of mechanical components, cleanliness of the chambers and can advise upon the configuration of the tank(s) and storage volumes to best maintain the balance between the quality of the water stored and sufficiency of supply. We undertake cleaning and disinfection of all water storage vessels. An effective inspection, sampling and testing regime is a key element of L8.
  • We conduct Risk Assessments under L8 (the approved Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaire’s Disease) and HSG274 (the health and safety guidance supporting the Code of Practice). We also offer the full range of monitoring services: temperature checking, sampling, inspection. We survey water systems and prepare system schematics to help support your Legionella management.

Private Estates Case Studies

From start to finish your staff were fantastic, especially considering the call was out of the blue with no notice.

Sam Mills
Building Surveyor – Stonewater

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