New pumped water supply

Troughs for 300 cattle

Installing water pipes across open fields is exactly what the Chain Trenching machine is designed for, and we got to put it to good use on this farm on the Cranborne Estate in Dorset recently.

Farm Manager Tim Hall wanted to put in a new water supply to several new troughs for a large herd of cattle, but the existing water pipe was too small and too old to take the pressurised water from the pumping station 2800 meters across undulating terrain to the required locations.

Pipefix have worked on the Estate for a number of years and so Tim asked us to quote for the works. Our survey revealed extremely aggressive flinty ground, so we proposed installing the new 63mm mdpe pipe in a 100mm duct to protect it from stone damage. The pipe would be jointed using electro-fusion welding to create a seamless pipe from point to point.

Air valves were installed in chambers at the high points to allow trapped air to escape. Additional chambers were installed at the trough locations to allow the connections to be made easily when required.

By using a chain trencher the excavations across working land were kept to a minimum as you can see from the photographs below.

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