Remote Location

Tracing leaks on a 2.5 mile long pipe.

The challenge

Located on a peninsula, two-and-a-half miles from the nearest village, Shell Bay is in a remote setting. The site has an extensive water supply network and the restaurant owners are responsible for a two-and-a-half mile pipeline which was installed several decades ago. The pipeline also supplies a number of other businesses including a toll booth, Bournemouth and Swanage Ferry offices, the National Trust toilets and Greenland Farm.

Looking into the future the owner  could see that this could become an issue and could impact the restaurant’s water usage. He got in touch with his water retail company water2business and was put in contact with business account manager Phil Sinclair.

water2business visited the restaurant to provide advice and assistance on how best to manage water due to escalating costs. They helped the owner to map out his water network and identified a significant leak which Pipefix were called in to repair. Pipefix also fitted isolation valves at key points in the network to help make further leakage detection easier.

water2business advised the restaurant to invest in Automatic Meter Reading technology which provides water meter readings and 15 minute average logged flow data on the water2business portal, allowing them to continuously monitor usage. High usage alarms automatically alert them to abnormal consumption which can then be quickly investigated so water costs can be controlled.

The results

Following a review of the data from the logger water2business identified that there was significant leakage. Pipefix carried out leakage detection and repairs which reduced water usage by nearly 80%.

With all the solutions in place, Shell Bay has saved over £6,000 per year from its water bill. Since the Automated Meter Reading system was installed further leaks have been identified and quickly repaired.

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