Water & Sewage Repairs

Our repair crews carry sufficient tools and equipment to respond to emergencies promptly and restore your water supply  as quickly as possible.

Responsive & Planned Repairs

Our responsive repair teams are highly experienced engineers that can troubleshoot problems and carry out temporary or permanent repairs on the first visit.

They carry enough tools and fittings in their vans to replace damaged sections of pipe, install emergency bypasses and conduct temporary leak repairs to restore supply to your site as quickly as possible until a permanent repair can be made.

They also carry state of the art listening equipment that can trace leaks on small or large water distribution systems to pinpoint accuracy. See our Leak Detection page for further details on how we trace and repair leaks.
Job sheets are sent direct to our operatives from the Asset Management Software in the office to a hand held device on the van, enabling them to have access to as much information as possible before we get to site, including:

  • Site address and contacts
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • Maps, diagrams and directions
  • Photographs
  • Access protocols, codes or numbers
  • Job description and notes
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Equipment / asset descriptions and part numbers
  • Previous site activity

Pipefix conducted a water mains diversion for us on a High Security prison site with limited access and very strict site protocols. We found the team to be highly professional and clearly very experienced at this type of work. I would not hesitate to use them again.

On completion of the works we are able to record a variety of completion information in addition to the above, all of which is uploaded live to our system.

  • Photographs before works, works in progress, identified problems and the completed job
  • Materials used
  • Engineers notes and recommendations
  • Details of any follow up works required
  • Customer signature capture

As the information is sent back to the office in real time we can issue live updates on the works enabling you to make informed decisions quickly, even while we are still on site. As a Pipefix client you can request access to our Customer Portal, which will allow you to monitor progress of quotes, jobs and orders in real time.

The repairs vans hold a wide range of fittings to enable prompt repairs on many pipe materials and over a range of pipe diameters. After the repairs are done the Pipefix operatives are able to make good a variety of surface materials including tarmac, concrete, paving slabs and blocks, enabling you to regain use of site as soon as possible once we are done.

The stores hold a comprehensive stock of pipes and fittings at our yard which broadens the variety of mains and services that can be repaired promptly.

While we are on site we can trace and map services and produce condition reports to advise upon the serviceability of your assets, helping you to plan for future system improvements.

Planned Repairs

For less urgent repairs, on-going problems with a system or plans for rehabilitation we offer a free consultation with one of our engineers who will meet you on site to discuss your requirements, develop a brief and advise on an appropriate way forward. After the site meeting you will get an estimate or a fixed price quotation for the works as agreed.

As a trusted partner we offer you a comprehensive service aiming to deliver long-term value for your assets.

Our experienced staff are happy to advise you and suggest the best ways of improving your systems to help you to make informed decisions on their future care and management.

They provide a quote for the job, and once agreed they confirm a start date. They always get the job sorted. A good service.

Colin Heckford – Deputy Estates Manager – Bryanston School

Pipefix can undertake a range of installations for domestic customers and residential sites. If you are unsure what service you are looking for please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

  • Water Mains from 25 – 90mm
  • Water service pipes (Also known as communication pipes)
  • Water distribution – pumps, valves, meters, points of use
  • Domestic Boreholes
  • Water Storage & Treatment
  • Control Valves, Water Meters
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Soakaways, Drainage Fields & Reed Bed Filters

If you have been served a Waste Water Notification by a Water Company inspector then they will have identified that there is a leak on the part of the water distribution system that you are responsible for. You don’t need to worry, we can help with this. This type of repair is what our company was originally formed to undertake, and our teams are highly competent at this type of work as well as a range of other activities.

  • Water service pipe repairs and replacements
  • Leak detection & repairs
  • Internal leaks repairs
  • Water & Sewage pipe repairs
  • Pump and booster system repairs
  • Leaking valves and stop cocks repairs
  • Pressure & Flow problems resolved

Our servicing contracts are tailored to your equipment and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Septic tanks
  • Pumping stations
  • Water treatment plants

Please contact us with a description of the equipment or make, model and serial number if available and we will produce a quote to service the equipment to the manufacturers specifications.

Our Chartered Engineer can provide you with advice on water and sewage systems, including;

  • Storage; reservoir, tank and wet well selection
  • Pipe sizing; mains, drains and sewer laterals
  • Pressure regimes; booster pumps and pumping stations
  • Water and sewage treatment

Our complete service includes design, specification and detailing of systems.

As well as system design our Engineer can provide guidance on specific needs concerning system performance such as;

  • Water; poor pressure, low flow, leakage and wastage
  • Sewerage; periodic blockage, surcharging, effluent quality, or smell.

We can also survey and map your services for you and produce schematics in .pdf or AutoCAD format for you.

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