Ductile Iron Water Main

Across open land

When an oil tank ruptured near a water main on a rural private estate specialist consultants Paulex Environmental asked Pipefix to assist. The project required us to bypass the contaminated section of pipe as soon as possible and then put a plan in place for a permanent restoration of the water supply.

The bypass pipework was 90mm MDPE that we jointed with electro-fusion welds to make a single continuous pipeline over a distance of 1,350 metres.

As the photographs show this site is far from flat and this presented a number of Health & Safety challenges. To make a safe excavation on the old 6″ Ductile Iron main we had to install a temporary road to get the machines down. The excavation had to be made safe with trench shoring due to the risk of landslip and the team had to use two excavators to pass the spoil up the slope to the dumper.

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