Water & Waste Water Servicing

Agricultural, Commercial & Domestic Pumps and Treatment Plants

Water & Waste Water Servicing

  • Installation, servicing and repairs
  • Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic Pumps
  • Mono Pumps, Slurry Pumps, Pumping Stations, Cold Water Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Effluent Pumps.
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Electrical & Mechanical Repairs
  • Routine Maintenance & Servicing
  • Regular maintenance of your sewage treatment plants is an important aspect of their operation. Mechanical components that have broken down or operate below their optimum capacity will impair the performance of the plant, placing a greater impact on the environment and potentially leading to a failure of the Permitted standard for the site.
  • When major failures occur this can often be combined with noise and smell issues and puts the organisation into conflict with the regulatory bodies, aside from the difficulties, time and costs associated with managing tenant expectations. We service and maintain all of the leading manufacturer’s package plants.
  • Regular inspection of septic tanks combined with an appropriately timed de-sludging regime significantly reduces the risk of blockages and sewage back-up, whilst delivering least-cost maintenance of the asset.
  • Failures of the sewerage system are costly in terms of both management and operational time, as well as distressing for your tenants. Regular maintenance will also help to extend the life of an infiltration field, improving the value of the asset and deferring capital replacement costs.
  • Regular inspection of cesspools with an appropriately timed emptying regime similarly reduces the risk of blockages and delivers least-cost maintenance for these assets.
  • Maintenance and inspection of water treatment plants is a key element of maintaining water quality. Treatment plants require inspection, and many items of plant can go out of adjustment over a period of time and so need checking to see that they are operating as required, with correction as necessary.
  • Plants that feature the use of filters require the filters to be cleaned or replaced. Lamps on UV systems require changing and glass elements cleaning.
  • We undertake inspections of tanks and reservoirs to check water quality, operation of mechanical components, cleanliness of the chambers and can advise upon the configuration of the tank(s) and storage volumes to best maintain the balance between the quality of the water stored and sufficiency of supply.
  • We undertake cleaning and disinfection of all water storage vessels. An effective inspection, sampling and testing regime is a key element of L8.
  • We conduct Risk Assessments under L8 (the approved Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaire’s Disease) and HSG274 (the health and safety guidance supporting the Code of Practice).
  • We also offer the full range of monitoring services: temperature checking, sampling, inspection. We survey water systems and prepare system schematics to help support your Legionella management.

Maintaining and servicing your water and waste water assets reduces the risk of failure, extends the life of the asset and maintains the uptime.

Using our preventative maintenance service allows you to avoid these issues and provides the additional benefit of receiving an honest regular appraisal and report at each service interval.

No Contracts. Simple Clear Pricing.

We don’t tie you in to a contract and you can cancel any time.

How often you need the equipment servicing will depend upon a range of factors including the demands of the site, the environmental permits and any site specific risk factors. We will provide you with a quote for basic routine inspections and more thorough servicing as required.

Let Us Manage Your Compliance & Keep You Informed

Once you are brought on board as a client you will benefit from our experience and ability to look after your equipment, test it to ensure it is working optimally and record laboratory sample results over time to prove to the relevant authorities that the asset has been maintained correctly by a suitably qualified contractor.

Our cloud based Asset Management software allows us to plan the dates for the service visits and send the jobs to our engineer in the field where they can upload photographs, asset condition information and service data on the cloud based system that you can access yourself 24/7. You can choose to have a full report after every visit or just be alerted when there is an issue that requires your attention.

With live updates in real time from our service engineers this is the most up to date you can possibly be when it comes to managing your remote assets.

Dedicated Team of Experts

The service team at Pipefix is headed up by Bob Edwards, who has over 30 years experience of installing, repairing and maintaining agricultural, industrial and domestic pumps and water management controls.

We asked Pipefix to take a look at our effluent treatment plant when the Ammonia levels started creeping up. Instead of replacing the whole system they suggested a range of improvements that led to the system delivering it’s best performance in 20 years. We are absolutely over the moon with the results and would happily recommend Pipefix to anyone. Sarah Banwell, Mulberry

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