£50,000/year savings made

Water2Business supply water to the college, and as part of the service also monitor the water consumption on site with a data logger on the billing meter. When the baseline consumption started to rise they asked Pipefix to come up with a solution.

£50,000/year savings made

The Lackham Campus is spread over 1700 acres, with several kilometres of water main serving a number of working farms and buildings. On an extensive site like this we use the baseline reading to estimate the volume of water passing through the meter that is probably leaks.

A baseline of zero would be unlikely on a site this size, but the logger was showing a baseline of over 4m3/hour.

That’s 4,000 litres of potential leakage per hour, which over a year adds up to a massive 35 million litres of water per year.

We proposed deploying a two man team with leak tracing equipment, a mini digger and repair fittings to do a systematic sweep of the water distribution system, with an estimated 5 days activity on site.

Within this 5 day time frame our engineers traced and repaired 7 leaks on site and reduced the baseline down to 0.5m3 per hour, saving over 34 million litres of water per year.

Client: Wiltshire College, Lackham

Works: Trace & Repair Leaks

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