Reducing Return to Sewer charges

Find out how this innovative meter is helping industrial production sites reduce their running costs.

Ministry of Cake have two sites in the west country, employing 280 people and producing an amazing 3 million slices of cake each week!

Working in partnership with Water2Business, Pipefix installed a Dynamic Flow Technologies WasteWater Meter at the Minsitry of Cake factory in Taunton in a pilot project to test out the WasteWater Meter.

This new product claims to be a cost effective, reliable and accurate way of measuring the flow rate of waste water pipes.

This means that instead of using the incoming water volume to calculate return to sewer charges manufacturing sites can use real data, which means that if lots of the water coming onto site is embedded in the product and not discharged to sewer, this can be proved and the bills reduced accordingly.

According to Dynamic Flow Technologies, Industrial and Commercial customers are being charged 19% extra on average, so these savings could be significant.

We are reviewing the data output of this device and will report back once it has been up and running for a few months to see what is happening….

Client: Ministry of Cake

Works: Install Effluent Monitor

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