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When a business owner hears they likely have a water leak, all sorts of unpleasant images are conjured up; flooding, subsidence, property damage, inaccessibility. The prospect of fixing it often results in more of the same; huge holes being dug everywhere to find the problem and fix it.


You’ll be happy to know that the vast majority of water leaks involve nothing of the sort and are often quite subtle in how they manifest themselves. They can be difficult to identify and locate and require a detective like approach to following and piecing together the clues.

You’ll also be relieved to hear that professional water leak specialists can do just that, and can also fix the problem with minimal disruption to your businesses and its activities.

By using the latest technology and methods, and a significant amount of skill, they can pinpoint a water leak’s location without any guesswork which can result in digging unnecessary holes.


Prolonged leaks and inaccurate and messy repairs cause numerous problems for businesses suffering from water leakages.


Leaks need to be found and resolved quickly as they soon end up costing significant amounts in wasted water.

Depending on the severity of the leak, these costs can run into the thousands, particularly if your billing period is quarterly or greater. Thousands of litres could be escaping every day, and if the leak continues undetected for several months that equates to a vast quantity of water.

To provide a point of reference, a household tap runs at between eight and twelve litres a minute, which is approximately between 11,500 and 17,000 litres a day. If a leak of just three litres per minute was allowed to run for a quarter before detection, it would have wasted 394,000 litres and added £1,500 to your water bill.

On top of this, once a leak is detected you must get the problem rectified as a matter of urgency or risk facing fines for water wastage.


Making accurate assessments of where leaks are emanating from is crucial in keeping disruption to minimum. Breaking up surfaces and digging up large amounts of earth can be noisy and messy, which is why you need to be right first time every time.

Pipefix employs a range of techniques and technologies, each offering different clues to the engineer to assist in their assessment of the situation.

Acoustic Microphones, Leak Noise Correlation, Thermal Imaging and other tools all assist in identifying precisely where a leak is coming from. However, despite the array of technologies available to them the most valuable and effective asset our engineers have is their knowledge.

Our engineers have decades of experience and use it to good effect to determine where a leak is coming from with almost preternatural ability.


Once the leak is found, the last thing anyone wants is for the ground to be torn up and huge trenches dug, it’s extremely disruptive and only done in cases where it’s absolutely necessary.

Pipefix repairs the majority of leaks within just one day with only a single hole, due to the accuracy in detecting the leak location. This keeps the area of work as small and as short lived as possible, minimising the time and impact it has on your employees and clients.

In some instances the section of pipe needing attention may be inaccessible, often due to buildings constructed above it. In these circumstances the damaged sections can be bypassed by laying a new pipe.

This isn’t always as disruptive as it sounds; laying new pipes can be done using a mechanical mole which tunnels underground between two holes providing the ground is suitable. It enables entire lengths to be placed without having to dig up everything above its path.

In all cases, any ground that has been disturbed during work will be reinstated to its original state – including any surfaces such as paving or asphalt.


We would advise against it, and there are plenty of horror stories about those who attempted to carry out ground work themselves to back this up.

That’s not to doubt the ability of someone to dig a hole and lay a pipe in it, but where our engineers prove their value, besides finding the leak, is in avoiding the risks and pitfalls that can and usually do occur when you don’t know what to look out for.

Hitting other pipes, cables and tanks buried under ground is a common occurrence, as is using the incorrect materials and fixings for the task – resulting in the repair quickly failing, or worse, causing additional failures elsewhere in the system.

Pipefix engineers pride themselves on their professionalism and quality of work, and we guarantee our work to last. The price quoted is the price you’ll pay, regardless of any additional obstacles that might crop up during the work, and we have never encountered a leak we couldn’t resolve.

If your business has a problem with leaking water, trust the professionals to do a professional job. Trust Pipefix.

If you would like further information on tracing water leaks or believe you may have damaged piping yourself contact Pipefix today..


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