In 2017 Pipefix were the successful bidder for a contract to install over 60 new water supply pipes to a residential street in Wincanton. This project involved careful planning and liaison between Wessex Water, Pipefix and all the residents both in advance of and during the works.

We successfully completed the works on time and on budget

Detailed Description of Works

Mark and trace underground utilities, Electric, BT, gas and drainage refer to drawings issued by Wessex Water.

Inform Residence of commencing the works. Pre-start Photographs to be taken at the start of each property.

Excavations and backfilling by Pipefix Ltd. All excavations to be protected with Plastic interlocking free standing barriers with Ply boards.

Surveys have been conducted and the position for connection to the existing services has been identified.

Underground water supply pipework must follow the routes on the Wessex water individual drawings.

Mark the points of connection to existing water supplies at adjacent points of entry to the properties.

Carry out pre excavation risk assessment check list for each property,

Install 25mm MDPE service pipework to individual properties and 32mm MDPE service pipework to each flat from boundary of property adjacent to new boundary stop tap installed by Wessex Water to the existing points of entry and reconnect to the existing service pipework externally.

Excavations approx. 1m x 600mm x 800mm deep will be excavated for receiving and extracting the thrust mole. All excavations to be carried out to HSG47.

Excavations to be planned to expose underground utilities and change of direction of pipe routes.

Pipe jointing to be made using Plasson mechanical fittings.

Discuss and agree timing of the final connections to the individual properties.  Ideally plan to make connections simultaneously or immediately following one another.  Upon connection flush system through before final commissioning.

Cut and cap the existing underground individual shared water supply pipework within the rear gardens of each of the properties.

Excavations to be reinstated, compacting in 200mm layers. Surfaces to be reinstated to match the existing.

Leave Calling card to confirm works carried out at each property.

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