Leak Detection & Repair for Swindon Borough Council

As Swindon Borough Council’s specialist water contractor we were asked to supply one of our two man leak detection teams with fully equipped van & mini excavator for three days site attendance to carry out a leak detection and repair exercise on one of the councils rural properties covering several square miles. We flexi-traced the pipe from the main water meter to locate the tee branches to 3 cattle troughs and then carried out a systematic isolation of the sections of pipe to prove which sections were leaking. As some of the straight runs were long we also cut in additional stop taps to reduce the length of each section.

We proved 3 sections were leaking and then used electronic correlators to identify the exact location of the leak before excavating to make the repairs.

The below graph show the water consumption on site before the leak detection works:

Leak Detection & Repair for Swindon Borough Council

Client: Swindon Borough Council

Works: Trace and repair leaks on rural water supply system

Project Value: £4,000

Annual Savings after works: £5,000

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